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BSA Merit Badge Course: Emergency Preparedness

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Course Cost Per Person: $85.00

Course Description

Group discounts are available and encouraged.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a club designed to help young men prepare for any situation that they may encounter. To that end, the BSA gives scouts a chance to learn many different skills. One of these skills is Emergency Preparedness.

Take this class and learn how to do the following:

a. the aspects of emergency preparedness: prepare, respond, recover, mitigate

b. Understand the Aspects of those problems

1. Home kitchen fire

2. Home basement/storage room/garage fire

3. Explosion in the home

4. Automobile accident

5. Food-borne disease (food poisoning)

6. Fire or explosion in a public place

7. Vehicle stalled in the desert

8. Vehicle trapped in a blizzard

9. Flash flooding in town or the country

10. Mountain/backcountry accident

11. Boating accident

12. Gas leak in a home or a building

13. Tornado or hurricane

14. Major flood

15. Nuclear power plant emergency

16. Avalanche (snowslide or rockslide)

17. Violence in a public place


Learn how you could safely save a person from the following:

a. Touching a live household electric wire.

b. A room filled with carbon monoxide

c. Clothes on fire.

d. Drowning using non-swimming rescues (including accidents on ice)

Learn ways of attracting and communicating with rescue planes/aircraft

Learn a good way to transport an injured person out of a remote and/or rugged area, conserving the energy of rescuers while ensuring the well-being and protection of the injured person.

Learn the best way to tell others about the training they need, and the safety precautions they should take for the following emergency services:

1. Crowd and traffic control

2. Messenger service and communication.

3. Collection and distribution services.

4. Group feeding, shelter, and sanitation.

5. Identify the government or community agencies that normally handle and prepare for the emergency services

Class Information

Classes we teach. For times, location and registration, check our Class Schedule.

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Class Schedule

Women On Target
Location: Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds
  Saturday, May 15, 2021

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